Survival analysis: An introduction to concepts, methods & software

Survival (or time-to-event) analysis is used to analyse data such as the failure of a mechanical component, the onset of a disease, or the death of an organism. This free introductory course will provide you with an in-depth introduction to the core concepts, methods and software needed to start your journey into the world of survival analysis.

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  1. Basic concepts in survival analysis
  2. Time-at-risk
  3. Timescales
  4. Censoring
  5. Survival analysis using Stata
  6. Rates
  7. Survival, Kaplan-Meier, and comparing survival
  8. Hazard and cumulative hazard
  9. Parametric survival models
  10. Cox model
  11. The proportional hazards assumption
  12. Allowing for non-proportional hazards



  1. Survival data
  2. Modelling survival data
  3. Assessing proportional hazards
  4. Modelling non-proportional hazards