A unified framework for methods development and data analysis in Stata

Latest stable release: v2.1.5

merlin stands for Mixed Effects Regression for LInear, Non-linear and user-defined modelsmerlin has the capabilities to fit a linear regression or a Weibull survival model, a three-level logistic mixed effects model, or a multivariate joint model of multiple longitudinal outcomes (of different types) and a recurrent event and survival with non-linear effects… the list is rather endless. 


The latest stable version of merlin is available on the Statistical Software Components archive, and can be installed directly in Stata by typing:

ssc install merlin

Once installed, you can pick up any updates by typing:

ado update

Wrapper functions

Since merlin has the capability to fit a broad range of models, it can mean that the syntax can be tricky. To provide a more user-friendly way of accessing merlin‘s power, we have developed a range of wrapper functions, which provide a much simpler syntax for specific classes of models.

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