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Survival Analysis

Smith H, Sweeting M, Morris T, Crowther MJ. A scoping methodological review of simulation studies comparing statistical and machine learning approaches to risk prediction for time-to-event data. Diagnostic and Prognostic Research 2022;6(10).

Bower H, Andersson TML, Crowther MJ, Lambert PC. Flexible parametric survival analysis with multiple timescales: Estimation and implementation using stmt. The Stata Journal 2022;22(3):679-701.

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Crowther MJ, Royston P, Clements M. A flexible parametric accelerated failure time model and the extension to time-dependent acceleration factors. Biostatistics 2022; (Online First).

Crowther MJ. Simulating time-to-event data from parametric distributions, custom distributions, competing risk models and general multi-state models. The Stata Journal 2022; 22(1):3-24.

Freeman SC, Cooper NJ, Sutton AJ, Crowther MJ, Carpenter JR, Hawkins N. Challenges of modelling approaches for network meta-analysis of time-to-event outcomes in the presence of non-proportional hazards to aid decision making: application to a melanoma network. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 2022; (In Press).

Tamási B, Crowther MJ, Puhan MO, Steyerberg E, Hothorn T. Individual participant data meta-analysis with mixed effects transformation models. Biostatistics 2022; (In Press).

Broomfield J, Hill M, Guglieri M, Crowther M, Abrams K. Life Expectancy in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Neurology 2021;97:e2304-e2314.

Multi-state models

Skourlis N, Crowther MJ, Andersson TML, Lu D, Lambe M, Lambert PC. Exploring different research questions via complex multi‑state models when using registry‑based repeated prescriptions of antidepressants in women with breast cancer and a matched population comparison group. BMC Medical Research Methodology 2023;23:87.

Ekberg S, Crowther M, Harrysson S, Jerkeman M, Ekström-Smedby K, Eloranta S. Patient trajectories after diagnosis of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma—a multistate modelling approach to estimate the chance of lasting remission. British Journal of Cancer 2022; (Online first).

Skourlis N, Crowther MJ, Andersson TML, Lambert PC. Development of a dynamic interactive web tool to enhance understanding of multi-state model analyses: MSMplus. BMC Medical Research Methodology 2021;21:262.

Weibull CE, Lambert PC, Eloranta S, Andersson TML, Dickman PW, Crowther MJ. A multistate model incorporating estimation of excess hazards and multiple time scales. Statistics in Medicine 2021;40(9):2139-2154.

Crowther MJ, Lambert PC. Parametric multi-state survival models: flexible modelling allowing transition-specific distributions with application to estimating clinically useful measures of effect differences. Statistics in Medicine 2017;36(29):4719-4742.

Joint models

Crowther MJ. merlin – a unified framework for data analysis and methods development in Stata. The Stata Journal 2020;20(4):763-784.

Gasparini A, Abrams KR, Barrett JK, Major JK, Sweeting MJ, Brunskill NJ, Crowther MJ. Mixed effects models for healthcare longitudinal data with an informative visiting process: a Monte Carlo simulation study. Statistica Neerlandica 2020;74(1):5-23.

Brilleman SL, Crowther MJ, Moreno-Betancur M, Novik J, Dunyak J, Al-Huniti N, Fox R, Hammerbacher J, Wolfe R. Joint longitudinal and time-to-event models for multilevel hierarchical data. Statistical Methods in Medical Research 2019;28(12):3502-3515.

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Gould AL, Boye ME, Crowther MJ, Ibrahim JG, Quartey G, Micallef S, Bois FY. Joint modelling of survival and longitudinal non-survival data: current methods and issues. Report of the DIA Bayesian joint modelling working group. Statistics in Medicine 2015;34(14):2181-2195.


Gasparini A, Morris TP, Crowther MJ. INTEREST: INteractive Tool for Exploring REsults from Simulation sTudies. Journal of Data Science, Statistics, and Visualisation 2021;1(4).

Morris TP, White I, Crowther MJ. Using simulation studies to evaluate statistical methods. Statistics in Medicine 2019;38(11):2074-2102.