Launching our first online training course!

We could not be more excited to launch our very first online training course in survival analysis – and it’s now live! Click here or the image below to take you straight to all the details. This course is the culmination of so much work, predominantly by our talented course instructor and Director of AppliedContinue reading “Launching our first online training course!”

Flexible parametric survival analysis with frailty, take two

Hi everyone, Today we are going to continue learning about flexible parametric survival models with random effects, as a follow-up to a previous post on our blog. Specifically, we are going to replicate the analysis from that post, but with a twist: today, we are going to use the {merlin} package in R. {merlin} in R isContinue reading “Flexible parametric survival analysis with frailty, take two”

Biostatistics & Epidemiology Summer School returns!

I’m delighted to say that the Summer School on Modern Methods in Biostatistics and Epidemiology is returning to the picturesque CastelBrando with a huge range of courses in June 2023! Join me in Treviso, Italy, where I will be back teaching our week long (half days) course on Joint modelling of longitudinal and survival data,Continue reading “Biostatistics & Epidemiology Summer School returns!”

stmt: Modelling multiple timescales using flexible parametric survival models in Stata

After many years of working on the stmt package in Stata, our paper Flexible parametric survival analysis with multiple timescales: Estimation and implementation using stmt was recently published in the Stata Journal (1). stmt can be installed by typing in Stata: The aim of this paper was to describe and illustrate how to model multipleContinue reading “stmt: Modelling multiple timescales using flexible parametric survival models in Stata”

Introducing the {msm.stacked} R package

Today we introduce {msm.stacked}, an R package that can be used to simplify the calculation of state transition probabilities over time and the creation of stacked probability plots from multi-state model fits from the {msm} package. Let me show you some examples of the package functionality in practice. We start by building upon the exampleContinue reading “Introducing the {msm.stacked} R package”