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Red Door Analytics

We are a consultancy company specialising in statistical consulting within medical research, software development, and training in biostatistics. We develop cutting-edge statistical and machine learning software packages for use across the data science domain, with a focus on survival analysis.

Meet the Team | Academic Partners

Meet the Team

Michael Crowther, PhD
Founder and CEO
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Hannah Bower, PhD
Director of Applied Biostatistics
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Caroline Weibull, PhD
Principal Biostatistician
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Sara Ekberg, PhD
Principal Biostatistician
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Alessandro Gasparini, PhD
Senior Biostatistician
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Ricardo Berenguer, MS
Associate Biostatistician
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Academic Partners

Sandra Eloranta, PhD
Associate Professor
Karolinska Institutet
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Red Door Analytics AB is a registered company in Sweden

CEO: Michael Crowther
Org. number: 559351-8359

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