Online Course in Survival Analysis

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Survival analysis: An introduction to concepts, methods & software

Survival (or time-to-event) analysis is used to analyse data such as the failure of a mechanical component, the onset of a disease, or the death of an organism. This online survival analysis course will provide you with an in-depth introduction to the core concepts, methods and software needed to start your journey into the world of survival analysis.

  • Specialist online training course
  • Experienced faculty
  • Carefully designed curriculum
  • Lectures combining methods and examples
  • Hands-on practical session


  1. Basic concepts in survival analysis
  2. Time-at-risk
  3. Timescales
  4. Censoring
  5. Survival analysis using Stata
  6. Rates
  1. Survival, Kaplan-Meier, and comparing survival
  2. Hazard and cumulative hazard
  3. Parametric survival models
  4. Cox model
  5. The proportional hazards assumption
  6. Allowing for non-proportional hazards


We are excited for you to enrol and learn with us! Who better than Hannah to give you an introduction to the course aims and content:

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How long can I access the course materials for?

After purchase you will be able to access the full course materials for 30 days.

Can I download the course materials?

You are able to download all lecture slides (PDFs), datasets, solution do files. The lecture and solution walkthrough videos can not be downloaded.

What statistical software does the course use?

The course uses Stata version 17 (all material is compatible with version 15 or higher).

Is there live teaching in this course?

There is no live teaching in the course. All videos are pre-recorded. Each lesson has a discussion forum, and the course lecturer will respond to questions raised on these about the course materials.

What happens after purchase?

We use Thinkific to host our online courses. Following successful purchase, an account will be automatically created using the email address provided at checkout, and you will then be immediately given access to all course materials.

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Just drop us an email to and we’d be delighted to help!

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