Training Course: Joint Models

Joint modelling of longitudinal and survival data

Joint models provide an effective solution to modelling a longitudinal, repeatedly measured outcome (such as blood pressure), and a survival endpoint (such as the time to death from any cause), incorporating all of the unique features that such data can entail

  • Specialist training course
  • Experienced faculty
  • Carefully designed curriculum
  • Lectures combining methods and examples
  • Hands-on practical sessions

Join us for an introduction to the methods, estimation, prediction and software, of joint longitudinal and survival models

Course curriculum

  1. Introduction to joint models
  2. Separate longitudinal and survival analysis
  3. Survival analysis with a time-varying covariate
  4. Two-stage models
  1. Joint modelling of longitudinal and survival data
  2. Alternative association structures
  3. Prediction, including dynamic predictions
  4. Further topics

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  • Download lecture slides and practical sessions
  • Monitored discussion boards to answer all your questions
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Michael Crowther, PhD
Course lecturer
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