Training Course: Multi-state

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Multi-state models

Multi-state models allow us to model complex disease processes over time. Through the modelling of transitions between disease states, accounting for competing events at each transition, we can gain a much richer understanding of patient trajectories and how risk factors impact over the entire disease pathway

  • Specialist training course
  • Experienced faculty
  • Carefully designed curriculum
  • Lectures combining methods and examples
  • Hands-on practical sessions

Join us for an introduction to the methods, estimation, prediction and software, of competing risks and multi-state modelling

Course curriculum

  1. Introduction to survival data
  2. Flexible parametric survival models
  3. Modelling competing risks
  4. Estimating cumulative incidence functions
  5. Introduction to multi-state models
  1. The Markov assumption
  2. Shared and separate transition models
  3. Quantifying covariate effects
  4. Estimating length of stay
  5. Reporting of competing risks and multi-state analyses

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In person
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NEWS: This course will be running at the Swiss Winter Epidemiology School in Wengen, January 2023 – find out more


Michael Crowther, PhD
Course lecturer
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Caroline Weibull, PhD
Course lecturer
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