Flexible parametric survival analysis with frailty, take two

Hi everyone, Today we are going to continue learning about flexible parametric survival models with random effects, as a follow-up to a previous post on our blog. Specifically, we are going to replicate the analysis from that post, but with a twist: today, we are going to use the {merlin} package in R. {merlin} in R isContinue reading “Flexible parametric survival analysis with frailty, take two”

Introducing the {msm.stacked} R package

Today we introduce {msm.stacked}, an R package that can be used to simplify the calculation of state transition probabilities over time and the creation of stacked probability plots from multi-state model fits from the {msm} package. Let me show you some examples of the package functionality in practice. We start by building upon the exampleContinue reading “Introducing the {msm.stacked} R package”